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Turkey, Alanya
The main attraction of Alanya - Byzantine fortress on a mountaintop overlooking the city.

Alanya is also known for its caves, the most famous of which - Dalmatash, located on the east bank of the rocky peak of Alanya.

Sharavsinsky caravanserai was built in the middle of the XIII century,by the son of Sultan Aladdin Keykubat.
Alanya is located 120 kilometers south-east of Antalya. According to ancient legends Mark Antony gave the land to Cleopatra as a token of love and devotion, and hence came the name of one of the wonderful beaches - beach of Cleopatra. "The city was founded during the 2 nd century AD, called Korakekessium and was under the influence of the Roman Empire.

Nature of Alanya is striking in its beauty - there are citrus plantations, coniferous trees, and all that - on hilly terrain, surrounded by gentle Mediterranean Sea.


Turkey, Antalya
One of the most ancient monuments of the city is Hadrian's Gate, erected in honor of the visit to the city by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in 130 AD.

Yivli minaret, built in the 13 century,is 37 meters it hight.

Kezik minaret was built at the behest of the Ottoman Prince Korkut Bey in the XIII century on the ruins of an ancient Byzantine church.

Antalya Archaeological Museum - is one of the richest museums in Turkey.

One of the most picturesque places in Antalya is Karaalioglu park - the largest and most beautiful park in the city, invites you to enjoy spectacular views of the city, bay and mountains.
Attalia, Adalia, Antalya - at different times Antalya was called - a beautiful resort town located in the beautiful bay of the same name.

It was founded on the site of an ancient king of Pergamum Attalus Korikos II in 159 BC. er. in whose honor it was named Attalia. Then he conquered the Byzantines and renamed Adalia. Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Kai-Qubad I, captured the city in 1207, gave the city a new name Antalya.

Gifts that nature has presented to this land, are more than generous. The mild climate, azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Taurus Mountains, the slopes are covered with pine forests, fresh air, breathing in which you feel on top ofworld - can wish for anything else?


Turkey, Belek
In the surroundings of Belek are the ruins of the ancient settlement of Perge, referring to 334 BC, which is perfectly preserved ancient theater and stadium, Aspendos city with many beautiful buildings, among which theatre-palace Zeno (2. BC. Oe.) and others.

Also interesting is to look at the Manavgat waterfall, walk through the reserve Köprülü Canyon with its amazing flora and fauna.
Belek - young resort city, situated on the fertile green plains between the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea about 25 kilometers from the airport of Antalya.

Beaches in Belek - sand and pebble. Area, including plains, pine forests, mountains and rivers,and is a protected natural district. Also Belek - is a recognized world golf center. Own golf course located in the pine forest of Belek was built in accordance with European standards.


Turkey, Kemer
Famous mountain canyon with a magnificent waterfall is located in In the district of Goynuk.

Yanartash - a rock about 230 feet high, on the surface that deposits of natural gas comes out of and ignite by themselves and burn for millenniums.

In Tekirova is the world's first Ecopark, with a truly huge amount of interesting Mediterranean plants and animals.
Kemer - a small resort town on the south-west of Antalya. Kemer lies through Taurus Mountains. Nature is wonderful in Kemer - Mediterranean Sea appears in a special blue color, shading coniferous trees that grow on the ridges and slopes, as well as throughout the growing olive and orange groves. Resort area of Kemer consists of 6 districts: Beldibi, Goynuk, Kemer, Kirish, Camyuva Tekirova, each of which is unique and beautiful in its own way.


Turkey, Side
The most magnificent monument of Side is the amphitheater, built in the II century. After rising to the top bench, you can imagine the plan of the ancient city.

"Nymphaeum" - a monumental fountain, built in honor of Emperor Vespasian.

Agora - the market square, square shaped in the center, where you can see traces of the altar of the goddess Fortuna.

Museum, exhibits representing the Roman period: unique sculptures and sarcophagous.
Side - an ancient coastal town, situated on a peninsula 68 km south-east of Antalya Airport. Title of Side means "pomegranate" and symbolizes fertility. The city was founded in the 7 th century BC Greek colonists and since turned into a major trading center and port. After the capture of pirates Side becomes the center of the slave trade of the Southern Mediterranean. Next comes the period of Roman rule, the city became a center of culture and art.

Side - is primarily an excellent sandy beach and shallow, with no sudden depths entrance to the sea.

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